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Something new for 2018...

Let’s get straight to the point. It’s a new year and we at Luckies (inventors of the Scratch Map, Smartphone Projector, Corkboard Map etc…) are trying something new for 2018 and beyond…

Throughout the year we will launch at least one brand new product every two weeks. By launch, we mean give you the opportunity to order a totally brand new design which will be in stock and ready to ship within a couple of weeks.

You’ll find out about these launches via email and at If you’re not already on our digital mailing list then please make sure you go to the homepage and sign up…you’ll want to know about new product releases as soon as they’re announced so you can get your order in before the first run sells out.

No more waiting for trade shows to see what’s new, or frustrating waits for stock to arrive – just fresh, innovative, new stuff dropped through your digital mailbox like clockwork!

So let’s make this year easier, more interesting and more profitable…make checking your email and visiting the website to see what’s new part of your weekly routine. We think you’ll be as excited about this new way of doing things as we are.

Thanks for reading…let’s do this!

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