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Product Spotlight: Wild Tape

You see our products in the catalogue and on the shelf, but have you ever wondered how each design develops from thought to production? This week we focus on Wild Tape…

After becoming an uncle and moving in with my niece for a few months, I spent more time playing with toy animals than a grown man should


Wild Tape was designed in house at Luckies by Creative Director Xavier Unwin, who has been at the company since 2009.

“After becoming an uncle and moving in with my niece for a few months, I spent more time playing with toy animals than a grown man should. Out of all of my niece’s toys, it was her wooden animals that I kept getting drawn to. Tactile, beautifully crafted and a reminder of simpler times. I went away thinking how I would love to design a set of wooden animals but for adults one day.



Flash forward a few months and inspiration strikes. After seeing a handful of colourful washi tape on a colleagues desk I wondered if the tape could feature animal prints instead of plain colours, after all, nothing is more colourful than nature. This was the opportunity to create a set of wooden animals for adults but with a purpose … to hold the washi tape.


Once the idea is formed, the design team put together a mood board. This gives an idea of who the product will be aimed at, the types of colours and themes that will be used and the feel we want to create. For Wild Tape it was pastel type shades with a metallic element. Classy, creative and fun.


Once the mood board and inspiration has been put together, we develop every step of the product in house, from hand made paper mock ups to scale 3D models printed on our in-house 3D printer. This is all pulled together with a logo, reflecting the new design. Weeks later the product goes into production and we all finally get to see it in the flesh…”


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