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Product Spotlight: Glow Tape

You see our products in the catalogue and on the shelf, but have you ever wondered how each design develops from thought to production? This week we focus on Glow Tape…


Here’s Creative Director Xavier Unwin:

“The idea came from a lazy stroll around a large department store one weekend. I stumbled across some luminescent safety tape–the type used to mark fire exits and highlight stairwells in corporate offices. It came in a basic white blister pack with some sobering text about safety, but I was curious enough to pick it up to see how it worked. I found myself trying to find the darkest spot in the store–which ended up being under my jacket–to test it. After convincing the security guard that I wasn’t trying to shoplift, I was impressed by how strongly the tape glowed.

“I started thinking of other applications it could be used for, and one thing stuck in my mind…festivals!”


I’m sure anyone who has been to a festival has been in that all too familiar situation of staring at a sea of tents in a dark field and wondered which one belongs to them. This tape would be a great way to make your tent stand out from both the dark and other tents! After sitting down with the design team and discussing the idea further, we realized there were plenty more useful and fun applications that the tape could be used for; we just needed to present and communicate them in a new, exciting way. It was a case of taking an existing industrial safety product and applying a bit of Luckies magic to make it a gift-able, fun item”.


Our designer Alex Campbell was tasked with creating the new product identity and packaging.

“We wanted Glow Tape to appeal to a young and energetic audience, who enjoy having fun in style. We opted to use bright colors as a great way of injecting that sense of fun whilst also alluding to the function of the product – to GLOW! The lined pattern on the pack was designed to be symbolic of strips of tape. In contrast, the logo breaks up those straight lines with a playful flow using a casual script font that joins in to a circular form cut away from bright pink so that like the tape, it can’t be missed”.


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