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Introducing the OFFBITS

Luckies is excited to present The OFFBITS; an awesome line of build-it-yourself character and vehicle kits, new to the UK and exclusively available through Luckies.

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 The OFFBITS are the brain child of Roy Barazani, who in 2016 laucnhed a successful Kickstarter campaign to get the project off the ground and into production. The original idea came from using discarded bits and pieces found around the home and garage to create robot style characters and vehicles.

The OFFBITS range consists of 4 vehicle and 4 character kits, across 4 distinct colour schemes. Each kit comes with a detailed instruction booklet, a special 5-in-1 SuperTool, and a unique code giving you access to the online community where your creations can be shared with other OFFBITS fans.

OFFBITS is much more than just a toy. The custom connectors allow users to give a new life to everyday objects and provide hours of imaginative and creative fun for children and parents alike. Building and creating characters encourages development of motor skills, planning, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving all whilst being a whole heap of fun!

The OFFBITS are available in the UK exclusively through Luckies.

For more information contact Will Pawley – / 0845 230 3533.

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